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About Phillip Anthony

Memories and emotion captured on canvas. Phillip strives to create this in every painting. Water colors, pastels, and oils are just a few of the tools he uses along the way. It’s not the painting, but the connection with its viewer that matters to him. “It’s so amazing to create something that moves someone. They’re staring at a painting, but thinking of some place special; it may be a trip they once took, or a time they shared with a loved one. It’s awesome to watch the artwork take them there.”

“My ability to paint came so naturally I quickly recognized it to be a gift. It’s truly a blessing that I love to share.”

Born in Glendale, California he grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and then moved to Orlando, Florida in 1998. The peaceful mountains that surrounded his little hometown were his first subjects. Now his latest travels bring the Florida coast into his studio. He paints until he feels as if he were back on the beach.

“I want my artwork to be a way for you to go back to a place you love. It can be somewhere you’ve been or somewhere you just want to be.”

Each painting connects with the viewer in their own personal way. The absence of color allows them to become a universal and timeless place. The emotions felt are driven from the viewers own memories instead of the moods associated with different colors. They are places where he finds time for reflection and is inspired by God’s creations. His dream is to encourage others to pursue their passions by recreating the images that inspire him.

“I hope my work is seen as a reminder of God’s gifts; a message that we’re all given a unique talent, and encouragement to pursue the talent within you.”