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About Steve Barton

Known for his strong brush strokes, rich textures and vibrant colors, Barton brings a sense of joy and peace to each of his paintings. Barton devotes himself to each work in progress, to create a feeling of warmth and comfort. They echo the emotions and the desire for a life lived to the fullest. For Steve, painting is a way of life. He loves to spend spare moments combing areas for inspiration to use in future paintings. Though the subjets of his paintings vary, the casual elegance is consistent.

The relaxed sunny climate of Southern California where Barton now lives with his wife and son suits his tastes and personality. The coastal setting surrounding his home reflects his bright and lively personality and he is extremely enthusiastic about being a painter.

Originally from New Hampshire, Barton's sucess as an artist began early; he was only eight when his love of art began. His mother, an oil painter herself, inspired and encouraged him to paint. After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Barton desired to broaden his search for subject matter. He traveled to the West Coast, where his paintings evolved into what we know them to be today.